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Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Georgetown)

Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Wilmington)

Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Dover)

Financial Excellence Workshop (Wilmington)



2016 Annual Conference: Shared Leadership
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Shared Leadership for Advancing Change
Board Chair + Executive Leader = Healthy Leadership Capacity

Facilitated by Justin Pollock

Focusing specifically on the power of a strong partnership between board chairs and executive leaders (ED/CEO), this session opened conversation about what that leadership partnership makes possible for the board, staff and the community and what conditions support each person's ability to contribute to the overall leadership capacity of the organization.  Facilitator Justin Pollock walked participants through a series of questions they can ask themselves and their boards to begin the important dialog.  Next Steps are to explore these questions with your Board Chair or CEO – define actions that can be taken to move the leader partnership to a stronger position.

Check out the advance learning material sent to prep the conversation around board chair and CEO leadership partnership: Shared Leadership Thought-Starters

View the full session notes:

Click here to learn more about DANA’s upcoming Board Chair/CEO fellowship starting September 2016!

About Justin Pollock

Justin is founder of Orgforward, a consultancy working with community benefit agents and capacity builders to develop leadership and strategies that create communities where equity, dignity, engagement, and a healthy environment exist for everyone. His focus is on strengthening the connection between vision and the leadership, programming, finance, and infrastructure needed to make change happen, supporting organizational leaders with what they need to effectively govern and operate their organizations. With more than 20 years of experience in the education and community benefit fields, Justin has trained and presented to board, staff, and volunteers from agencies ranging from small start-ups to large well-established organizations on topics of community outcomes, governance, financial management, planning, supervision, leadership development, and organizational sustainability.