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2016 Annual Conference: Collective Capacity
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Collective Capacity to Become one of the Top 5 Healthiest States in the Country
Facilitated by Susan Detwiler

Creating Delaware’s Future/Healthy Neighborhoods

Members of the local health care, social services and arts communities brainstormed what it would take to make Delaware one of the five healthiest states in the country. The cornerstone of this effort is the Healthy Neighborhoods Committee, which works to design integrated and collaborative local solutions to improve the health of all Delaware residents.

In the discussion led by Julane Miller-Armbrister, Executive Director of the Delaware Center for Health Innovation, participants agreed that good health in Delaware extends beyond access to medical care – it must also link to civic engagement, economic development, public safety and more.

View the advance learning material sent to prep the conversation around Healthy Neighborhoods:

View the full session notes:

Special thank you to Julane W. Miller-Armbrister, Executive Director Delaware Center for Health Innovation, who partnered with our facilitator to plan & present this session

About Susan Detwiler

“When you begin with a shared vision, people work together to make it happen.” A seasoned consultant, Susan Detwiler specializes in working with nonprofit boards and staff, as a catalyst for boards in transition, developing vision and aligning planning, leadership and governance with values and mission. She has twenty-five years of experience in the for-profit sector, serving a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies, followed by fourteen years in the nonprofit sector. Her consulting is informed by five years experience as an Executive Director and service on multiple nonprofit boards through the years. Ms. Detwiler is a Creating the Future™ Fellow and Standards for Excellence™ Consultant, and partners with Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement to provide board excellence education, facilitation and consulting. As a Creating the Future Fellow, she facilitates organizations coming together around a vision for the future, and assists their identifying the path to that future. Ms. Detwiler graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from State University of New York at Albany and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan.