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Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Georgetown)

Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Wilmington)

Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Dover)

Financial Excellence Workshop (Wilmington)



Public Policy Overview
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Enhancing public and government awareness of the nonprofit sector is one of DANA's primary objectives. Without an accurate understanding of our social and economic impact, nonprofits will continue to suffer increasing hardship and uncertainty in dealing with government funding, regulation, taxes and other policies. DANA is currently working to address the critical public policy issues facing Delaware nonprofits. DANA is committed to developing a comprehensive, coordinated and sustained approach to address issues of broad common interest to the charitable community for action in Delaware's state and local governments. Through this committee DANA will enable the nonprofit sector: 

  • To become an equal partner in legislative debates;
  • To enhance the integrity, capacity and independence of the nonprofit sector;
  • To increase public awareness and understanding of Delaware's nonprofit sector;
  • To secure the support and involvement of the government and for-profit sectors in the nonprofit sector; and
  • To encourage cooperative and effective nonprofit leadership in order to strengthen the greater community.


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For information on DANA's Public Policy work and agenda, please check out John Baker's Public Policy Blog.


Useful government links:

Delaware State Government information

Delaware General Assembly information


Delaware Joint Finance Committee hearing calendar 


Sheila Bravo's presentation to the Joint Finance Committee of February 23, 2017 may be viewed HERE.