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Executive Director (E2E) Peer Networking Session (Dover)

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DANA will be updating you on important public policy matters as they happen. We will also post about the activities of the Governor, Delaware's General Assembly, local issues, hearings & meetings, and legislation that relates to DANA's Public Policy Agenda.


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Notes from Dover - June 23, 2015

Posted By John Baker, Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As you most likely know, Grant-In-Aid (GIA) is a funding source that has developed as a mechanism for the legislature to fund critical programs in Delaware.  Of the $45.5 million total:

  • $22.6 million goes to “Government Units & Senior Centers”
  • $16.5 million goes to “One-Times and Community Agencies” – Nonprofits / Charities
  • $5.9 million goes to Fire Companies

The DEFAC reports in March, April and May did not improve the revenue projections dramatically and the State has been left with an approximate $85 million gap to fill, and the JFC is charged with delivering a balanced budget to the General Assembly.  They have made various cuts and reduced the gap to $66 million.  When the June 15 DEFAC report came in with a projected increase in revenue of $33 million, JFC was left with approximately $30 million to cut.

As of earlier this week, we learned that $2 million of that cut is slated to come out of GIA.  I’ve also heard that “pass-throughs” in certain department budgets may see a 5% cut, while GIA cuts will be more “surgical” and not “across the board”…we’ll see on Tuesday, June 30th.

Our goal as a nonprofit sector over the past months, and more broadly over the years, has been to communicate the value of the partnership between government and nonprofits in delivering high quality, cost-effective services to all Delawareans.  We believe that our elected officials have heard our message and value our partnership, but it doesn’t hurt to keep that message flowing.

In these last days of the General Assembly’s and Joint Finance Committee’s meetings, please continue to express your support of the nonprofits that you are passionate about, work for, volunteer with, and fund with your personal contributions.  Here is a link to contact information to voice your support for the Nonprofit Sector and the great work of those you support:   

For more background and JFC contact information check out my blog post from last week HERE.

Thank you for all you do, and you know how to reach me.


Tags:  charities  DEFAC  Delaware  Grant-in-Aid  Joint Finance Committee  nonprofits 

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OMB Uniform Guidance is now the law of the land

Posted By John Baker, Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hi All –

I come to you today with an update on Nonprofits and Indirect Costs in Contract/Grant Applications and Proposals.

OMB Uniform Guidance is now the law of the land, but turning its promise of better treatment of charitable nonprofits into reality will take even more work going forward. Nonprofits in particular will need to take action to own their own costs, learn their rights under the new rules, and protect those rights through advocacy, both on their own behalf with each grant and contract, as well as by engaging with DANA’s efforts.

I post the below articles to make you aware of the OMB Uniform Guidance and inform you of the progress described in them.  The articles describe your rights under the new federal grantmaking rules.  We encourage you to take advantage of these rights. Here are three items we feel are most helpful in getting nonprofits the tools they need to get started:

·      The Word for Today is “Overhead”: OMB Uniform Guidance Takes Effect,” by Rick Cohen, National Correspondent (Nonprofit Quarterly, Jan. 13, 2015).

·      Know Your Rights … and How to Protect Them, an overview of the rights nonprofits now enjoy (when governments fully comply) and answers/solutions to anticipated challenges that may arise.

·      Uniform Guidance Implementation Report Form, designed to generate information from nonprofits in the field about compliance with the Uniform Guidance – whether positive or negative – that will help in monitoring compliance, compiling data and observing patterns that can be addressed at a government-wide level, as well as identifying good processes and solutions that can be used elsewhere to help nonprofits across the country meet their missions.

Again, I thank you for your support and look forward to working with you to see that these promises for change transform into reality.

As always you can contact me with any questions or comments at or 302.777.5500

- John

Tags:  charities  National Council of Nonprofits  nonprofits  OMB 

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America Gives More Act

Posted By John Baker, Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hi All –

Just want to make you aware of this opportunity to ask for our U.S. Senators’ support in passing this important “America Gives More Act” that reaffirms and enhances how Americans support the charities they care about.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions at or 302.777.5500.


Action Alert
Message to U.S. Senators

The Nonprofit Community Calls on the Senate to Pass the America Gives More Act in September

You can help by delivering this simple message:

Don’t leave Washington in September until the Senate passes the America Gives More Act (H.R.4719); our communities are counting on you.

You can deliver the message by:

  • Calling your Senators’ local or Washington, DC offices (202-224-3121)
  • Carper – Wilm. – 302.573.6291 , Dover – 302.674.3308
  • Coons – Wilm. – 302.573.6345, Dover – 302.736.5601
  • Texting your Senators the simple message
  • Writing your Senators (see sample letter)

Before U.S. Senators recess for the November elections, it is imperative that they pass the America Gives More Act, a bill to promote giving to the work of charitable nonprofits in communities across the country. Simply put, Senators should address the pressing needs of our communities before they focus solely on their personal political careers and their re-election campaigns.

            Act now to urge your Senators to pass the America Gives More Act in September.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the America Gives More Act in July by a strong, bi-partisan vote. The legislation promotes giving back to communities in several ways. It renews and makes permanent expired charitable giving incentives that promote donations of nutritious food to food banks, conservation of land, and contributions from individual retirement accounts directly to charitable nonprofits. The measure would simplify a foundation excise tax, thereby making more funds available for good works. The bill also would permit taxpayers to claim charitable deductions from the previous year up through April 15. Go here for more background information on the America Gives More Act.

Senators are back home in August for the annual summer recess. When they return to DC, there are barely a dozen legislative days left in September before Congress adjourns again for the November elections. This means that Senators must return to Washington in September committed to passing the America Gives More Act as quickly as possible. And they must make known to their Senate leaders their commitment to passing the bill that is important to their communities and constituents, before leaving D.C. again to campaign for re-election.

Tags:  America Gives More Act  charities  National Council of Nonprofits  nonprofits  Senator 

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