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DANA will be updating you on important public policy matters as they happen. We will also post about the activities of the Governor, Delaware's General Assembly, local issues, hearings & meetings, and legislation that relates to DANA's Public Policy Agenda.


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UPDATE: What's Happening at the State and Federal Level

Posted By Sheila Bravo, Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hello everyone:

This is an update on what is happening at the State and Federal level which impact nonprofits in Delaware.  I would like to say brief – but there is so much going on!


Governor Carney issued his budget proposal back in March. Since then there have been two DEFAC reports which estimates a $385 million budget closure for Fiscal 2018.  Governor Carney has recommended a balance of expense reductions and revenue, which he refers to as shared sacrifice. 

Areas which DANA has raised concerns in meetings with Senators and Representatives include the implications of losing the State charitable tax deduction, moving pass-throughs to Grant-in-Aid, and overall reductions of direct services to those who are most vulnerable in our communities. Without a change, we believe an estimated 10% of funding to nonprofits could be at risk.  We also have continued to express our desire that expense reductions and Grant-in-Aid award reductions are not done with a swift across the board cut. 

This week, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) began the budget markup process.  On Monday, they identified around $51 million worth of expenses to cut from all departments.  Of that, over $664,000 were pass-through reductions.  Contractual services and some grants were also reduced. Our higher education institutions also saw large funding reductions.   Where it was clear which agency or subsector was impacted, DANA reached out to notify. Today the JFC approved over $100 million in increased costs due to population adjustments (education/Medicaid) or priority areas (such as Education, Substance Abuse, Corrections). JFC has this week and next week to complete the budget mark up.  As DANA learns of these decisions, we will share the news.

Though Governor Carney presented several strategies to raise revenue, at this time it seems like the increase of the Corporate Franchise tax has the most momentum.  That would generate around $116 million in revenue leaving the Joint Finance Committee to develop a budget with $184 million in fewer expenses.

DANA, along with other members of the steering committee of the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition (DRSC) (Ability Network, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Delaware Arts Alliance, Delaware Grantmakers Association, Delaware Community Foundation, United Way of Delaware, and the University of Delaware) believe increases in revenue is a more favorable approach, particularly given how the nonprofit sector receives less funding than it did in 2008. Some legislation is starting to emerge in addition to the corporate franchise tax, and include raising tax levels, increase the income brackets, raising taxes on cigarettes, and extending lodging taxes to vacation rentals. The coalition is reviewing each of these proposed bills and will be providing more insight in the coming weeks on how it compares to Governor Carney’s proposals and the previous Revenue Solutions recommendations issued in 2015.


  • In partnership with DCF, DGA and UWDE, DANA issued a letter to members of the General Assembly regarding concerns on removing the state charitable gift deduction. 
  • We are holding as many meetings as we can with key legislators to express our concerns over across the board cuts, and cutting desperately needed services.
  • We are also discussing with these legislators the need to change the trend of funding decreases to community services to funding increases.  We are advocating for long-range planning to develop the right level of funding resources to fuel the quality of life we desire for Delaware.
  • We are holding a Nonprofit Advocacy Day on June 8th with a hope that as many nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers attend to show the tremendous impact in the state.  It is a day that our Government recognizes the work we do, and how important our partnership is – let’s show them how many of us there are!
  • DANA in partnership with the DRSC are updating the sector coalition “logo letter” for you to share, and will have additional resources for you to reference in the coming weeks.


  • Help us tell your story.  Share with us the implications of 10% less funding –  in what way will your clients/customers be impacted.
  • Share any insights you have regarding revenue solutions that you may hear
  • Be aware of what funds you may receive from the State Government is at risk – whether as a grant, pass-through, Grant-in-Aid or contract
  • Connect with your Senators and Representatives and share your impact story.  We strongly encourage you to be clear about how the funds you receive directly benefit people. 
  • Develop contingency plans – not just for your organization, but for your clients.  If you are not able to serve these people due to reduction in funding, who else can.  Ultimately our goal is to ensure people are served, and if a partner agency can help – set up those conversations in advance of losing funding.
  • Explore other sources of revenue – consider collaborating with other agencies to seek Federal grants or national foundation funding.
  • Attend DANA’s upcoming Nonprofit Advocacy Day on June 8th. Modern Maturity is providing lunch, so we ask you register so that we know how many lunches to provide.


DANA, along with thousands of other nonprofits and religious institutions have sought to maintain the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits partisan activity of nonprofits. See What this Is.  The National Council of Nonprofits, along with many foundations have been active at preventing the repeal of this act.

A proposed Federal Budget was released yesterday, which would have catastrophic impact to many parts of the nonprofit sector.  The good news is that it is a proposal, and can be revised significantly.  We encourage you to understand how this budget impacts your organization.

Beyond hard funding cuts, of serious concern is the impact the proposed tax reform would have on charitable giving.  The Independent Sector just release a report, of which the Association of Fundraising Professionals have summarized  Read more about it


Reach out to Senator Carper, Senator Coons, and Congresswomen Blunt Rochester.  Share with them your concerns.  They will not be in session next week, so perhaps you can catch them here locally.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.  You are welcome to reach me directly with questions, ideas, or concerns at


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Governor Jack Markell Released his Recommended Budget

Posted By John Baker, Friday, January 13, 2017

Governor Jack Markell recently released his recommended budget, now Incoming Governor Carney, the Joint Finance Committee and General Assembly will work on the best final version between now and June 30th.

As always, we strive to get breaking news to you. So here are the latest 2018 Delaware State Budget resources you can use to be in the know.

DANA has been working on the financial challenges that face our Nonprofit Sector, meeting with our elected officials, engaging with the Governor Elects transition team to present the Nonprofit Sector’s perspective, and planning action now that the budget course is more clear. The Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition (DRSC) led by DANA along with Delaware Grantmakers Association, Delaware Community Foundation, United Way of Delaware, Ability Network of DE, the UD-CCRS, and AFP-Brandywine will be issuing it’s call to action that we can all organize around at the DANA Annual Budget Update on February 17th from 9-Noon, The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) Hearings are through February (calendar here), the DANA Annual Conference is May 15th, and DANA’s Delaware Nonprofit Day is June 8th at The Mall Legislative Hall from 11am-1pm.

Key Dates:

January 31 - March 2: Joint Finance Committee Hearing begin – See link below

February 17: DANA Annual Budget Update & Advocacy Briefing 9 AM – Noon  

May 15: DANA Annual Conference with Governor Carney, U.S. Delegation and Cabinet Secretaries Invited

June 8: DANA Delaware Nonprofit Day at The Mall Legislative Hall Dover

Quick analysis:

The proposed Delaware State Budget presented to the General Assembly as House Bill 25 proposes to balance the $350 Million budget gap through $212 Million in new revenue (described in the budget presentation linked below) and Agency Base Budget Reduction cuts of $31.831 Million and Grant-In-Aid cuts of nearly $13 Million; $11 Million cut for “First Responders” and $2 Million for “Community-Service Nonprofits” (Total GIA 2017 $45.89 Mill.).  Of the Agency cuts the largest cuts are in DHSS at $9.419 Million, DSCYF (Kids) at $462,000, and DOE at $16.173 Million.  If you receive “Pass-Throughs” check them out too.  A note of good news – “Tobacco – Master Settlement Agreement” has been replenished by approximately $1.6 Million.

Secretary of Finance Tom Cook. “The revenue changes we propose adhere closely to the recommendations of the recent bipartisan revenue task force which established a blueprint for reshaping state revenues to better grow with the economy.”

In Governor Markell’s words:  Sustaining Responsible State Finances with Mix of Revenue Increases and Spending Reductions

This balanced plan takes key steps toward structurally resolving the budget deficit not only for Fiscal Year 2018, but also by better positioning Delaware for the future,” said Governor Markell

To close a $350 million shortfall and put the state on a path to sustainable budgets in the long-term, the proposal includes some increases in personal income tax by limiting deductions (we are exploring to better understand which ones) and raising the rate of the top tax bracket by 0.2 percent. In addition, the Governor recommends an adjustment to the corporate franchise tax (we also need to understand if this will impact NPOs), increasing the State assessment on realty transfer tax, and an increase in the cigarette tax. Details can be found in the administration’s budget presentation and total a $212 million increase for the coming fiscal year.

Get the Governor’s 2018 Budget Presentation and full budget HERE.

Get the NewsWorks Summary and article HERE.

Here’s the full State Budget.

Here’s the “Hot-Off-The-Press” Joint Finance Detailed Calendar of Hearings.


Know that DANA will be working on digesting this and engaging our Alliance…YOU!

You can always reach me at:

All the best - John

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December DEFAC Update

Posted By John Baker, Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hi All,

Monday’s Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) meeting revealed that their estimated "98% Appropriation" number is down by $33.7 Million. Increasing the already substantial gap between revenues and expenditures from September’s forecast of $167 Million to $201.1 Million. Adding to this the various cost drivers (school enrollment, medicaid, healthcare for state employees and other drivers), the gap climbs quickly. The News Journal today has put the number at $350 Million. that needs to be made up through new revenues and expense cuts.

Know that DANA has been providing the Delaware Nonprofit Sector's perspective to Governor Elect Carney's various transition committees and the overall transition team.

Meanwhile, the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition (DRSC) of the nonprofit sector continues to meet. We have a full calendar of events to engage our elected officials, including:

•January 19 (anticipated) - Governor's State of the State 

•January 26 (anticipated) - Governor's Proposed Budget Presentation 

•February 17 - DANA Annual Budget Update, 9am-Noon in Georgetown

•February & March will be the JFC hearings

•March will have two Coalition member programs hosted by the Ability Network of Delaware  (details still to come)

•June 8th - NONPROFIT DAY in DOVER rally (Save the Date!)

•June will be focused on direct advocacy with our elected officials by nonprofits, boards, volunteers, and clients

Throughout the next six months, the Coalition will continue to reach out to you, as well as meet with General Assembly & JFC members to represent the nonprofit voice, our clients, and all Delawareans. Get the General Assembly / Legislative Calendar here:

We are all partners for a stronger Delaware. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at or 302-777-5500.

Thank you,

John Baker

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Vote Tuesday - Then OMB Budget Hearings Begin Wednesday November 9th

Posted By John Baker, Monday, November 7, 2016

Nonprofit Votes Matter – So vote on Tuesday, November 8th!!!

Then, if you haven’t already, checked the Delaware Office of Management and Budget calendar for the 2018 Budget Hearings and plan to attend and give public comment – limited to two minutes. Here’s the calendar:

Some Messaging Points:

We the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition of the nonprofit sector agree upon the following points:

  • The Nonprofit Sector represents over 233,000 Delawareans that work and volunteer at Delaware Nonprofits.
  • The Nonprofit Sector, in partnership with state government, provides innovative, efficient, and effective services for all Delawareans.
  • Funding for the “Nonprofit Partners” line-item should be included in the Governor’s 2018 Budget.
  • No cuts should be made to contracts with Delaware nonprofits for services to Delawareans.
  • No more allocations should be added to the “Tobacco-Master Settlement Agreement, diluting remaining resources available for existing service providers.
  • Hold Grant-In-Aid level (FY2017 GIA Bill $45.9 Million).

The Nonprofit Forum on October 25th was a resounding success with over 75 nonprofit executives in attendance to engage in lively discussion with the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Drew Fennell, Delaware OMB’s Bert Scoglietti, the State Chamber’s James DeChene, DANA’s Sheila Bravo, The Ability Network of Delaware’s C. Thomas Cook, and United Way of Delaware’s Tyrone Jones…as well as your blogger…John. We heard from OMB’s Bert Scoglietti that with various cost drivers the budget gap will broadly exceed the September DEFAC forecast gap of $167 Million. This is a clarion call for you to mobilize your Board, Volunteers, and Friends to work with our Elected Officials to make the changes in funding that are needed to support the Life-Sustaining and Enriching Services that the Nonprofit Sector provides 24/7/365 to all Delawareans!

DANA and the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition will be working on your behalf, but this is the year we need to mobilize all possible resources to get our message out and have our elected government officials and the public understand that we are partners, critical to the successful navigation of our State’s Fiscal Challenges.

Check out the ADVOCACY TOOLKIT here:

Advocacy Tool Kit Cover
2017 Toolkit
2017 Toolkit Part 2

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at jbaker@delawarenonprofit.orgor 302-777-5500.


Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition:
Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
Ability Network of Delaware
Delaware Community Foundation
United Way of Delaware
Delaware Grantmakers Association
Association of Fundraising Professionals – Brandywine Chapter
University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service
and the Delaware Nonprofit Sector


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Thank you Joint Finance Committee!

Posted By John Baker, Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Joint Finance Committee truly demonstrated the high regard they have for the great work of the nonprofit sector by voting in a $2.8 million increase to the Grant-In-Aid bill (GIA) – SB295. Details should be available late Tuesday or early Wednesday, so you can see how your organization fared.  Thank you also to the Controller General’s Office and Analysts who visited more GIA applicants than ever before.  Finally, thank you to the Delaware Office of Management and Budget (OMB) which worked tirelessly on GIA.

You can view the GIA SB 295 details as they’re released here:

Thanks to each of you for your deliberate engagement in the various nonprofit sector initiatives this year:  Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition, the “Advocacy Logo Letter”, the October Nonprofit Forum, the Annual Budget Update, Nonprofit Day, Social Media campaign “Partners In A Stronger Delaware, and using “Voter Voice”.  Thank you to each of you for your focused efforts to engage your organizations, staff, boards, volunteers, and clients to communicate your value to Delaware’s quality of life.

Now, please take the time and send thank you notes, letters, emails, tweets, etc. to let the Joint Finance Committee members feel your gratitude.  In a year as tight as this one has been, the JFC had to make some very tough choices and they chose to recognize the nonprofits in Grant-In-Aid that demonstrated results.


This is a big win as we continue to build awareness and recognition of the important services you provide.  This win is a good start as we continue our efforts to build stronger relationships with our Government Partners.  We’ll keep you updated as we prepare for the 2018 Delaware State Budget.  We will be meeting with OMB, Departments, and other government officials starting in July and running through the budget development cycle, maintaining the momentum we’ve built this year to strengthen our sector and Delaware for the future.


As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at or 302-777-5500.


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DEFAC Down Again

Posted By John Baker, Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello All,

The DEFAC forecast just came in and the funds available for appropriation are down by $700,000; not as bad as it could have been, but not good like past years when this last report would tick up.

Sheila and I have been in deep discussions with Joint Finance Committee (JFC) members and our other Senators and Representatives as they prepare to finalize the Budget, Bond, and Grant-In-Aid Bills. They’re commending many of you on your efforts to communicate your successful outcomes.

The social media campaign trumpeting your successes continues to roll through Delaware. #‎OurDelaware ‪#‎PartnersInAstrongerDelaware Many of you have sent us powerful images and stories that we’ve been able to get out to our public officials over social media. Keep them coming and we thank you!

Contact your JFC Members and Legislators

As you saw in the letter we sent you Monday morning from the JFC Co-Chair, Melanie George Smith, she intends to try to make any necessary cuts based on the JFC member recommendations, as opposed to “across-the-board.” Because of this, it’s that much more important for you and your boards, staff, and clients to reach out to them and make certain they know your great outcomes. Carefully craft a brief message for them to use in emails and phone messages, in 3 or 4 sentence talking points, that state how you make your clients lives better, as well as what the impact a 5% or 10% funding cut would have on the services you provide, or how a 5% or 10% cut in funding could impact employment at your nonprofit.

The final meeting for the Grant-In-Aid Bill will be on Tuesday, June 28 at 12:30 pm in the JFC Meeting Room at Legislative Hall, Dover, DE.

Voter Voice – We’ve added this new tool for your convenience in getting your important messages to your elected officials.  You can just send this link along with your specific talking points (for them to add to the Voter Voice message) to your board, staff, volunteers, and clients and they can send a message to your elected officials.  

Here’s the list of the Joint Finance Committee Assignments, that we sent out to you in May. Download the file here.

As always, reach out to me with any questions or comments:


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Budget Crisis Updates

Posted By John Baker, Thursday, May 26, 2016

I will be posting more frequent blogs over the next 6 weeks as critical budget information that impacts the Delaware nonprofit sector becomes available. That said, I have the latest on Delaware’s budget crunch, following on the heels of the May 26 Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) forecast. 

The new total budget gap has swollen nearly $45 million to a total of $75.3 million. The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) cancelled their May 24 public start of their “Mark Up” of the Governor's proposed budget, and instead met privately to grapple with a new course forward. JFC started their public budget mark-up meeting yesterday (Wednesday), handling general initial review of the current financial challenges and began to review the major sections of the budget bill. 

The take-away from yesterday’s JFC meeting was the question that resounded through the chamber time and time again: “What is the Outcome of the Program?”

As you communicate with your JFC Members, Controller General Analysts, Representatives, and Senators, be certain to talk about and include your OUTCOMES.

To support the Delaware Nonprofit Sector, DANA and the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition are launching the “Our Delaware” series to get your stories of success out to the public, and more particularly to JFC members and the General Assembly. We’ve already started receiving your images and stories as the result of our email call for them yesterday. If you haven’t sent yours, send it today. Plus we’ll be updating the “Logo Letter” so if you haven’t sent us your logo, do it now.

On May 18, over 100 of you turned out for Nonprofit Day. Thank you! Now together, we’ll continue to build on this success.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or comments at:



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Annual Budget Update LIVE and more from Dover

Posted By John Baker, Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi All –

Register HERE for the DANA Free Event of the Season…The Annual Budget Update on Wednesday, February 17 (next week!) with OMB, DHSS, Kids Dept., JFC, and Advocacy! This is always a really popular and packed event, so don't miss the opportunity to reserve your seat.

I also have a number of updates for you from Dover:

We’ve just entered the second week out of the four weeks of JFC’s Hearings. Check the calendar here. 

Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition

The report of the “Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition – Expenditure Review Committee” is in. Find it here.

There is no issue too tough for the nonprofit sector. They're continuing work to achieve efficiencies in Criminal Justice, Medicaid, Foster Care, State Personnel, School Districts, and Central and Fleet Services.

Report Conclusion:       

“Delaware state government has undertaken substantial actions to control costs in recent years, which has mirrored national trends.  Given continued costs pressures, the Committee believes it important to maintain this focus.  While many of the recommendations require further study and analysis, they provide a general course of action that should meet the Committee’s charge to identify opportunities to provide services more efficiently, effectively or at less cost to taxpayers.” 

The report focused and issued recommendations on:

1. Outcomes-based Approaches for the following:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Medicaid
  • Foster Care program

2. Personnel Cost Containment

3. Use of Consolidation, Sharing and/or Centralized Services

  • School Districts
  • Government central services to include other fleets

Leadership Meetings

Sheila and I met with Senate President Pro Tempore, Patricia Blevins and Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf and updated them on the challenges of the sector and the good work of the sector-wide Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition.

They both acknowledged the good news of the Governor including in his budget proposed increases to Contracts and pass-throughs with the “Nonprofit Partners” Line of 1% or $2.3 Million, as well as holding the Grant-In-Aid line level at $43 Million.

They both also emphasized the need for heavy advocacy from the whole sector to maintain these items in the budget. So keep engaged with the Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition and DANA. The next event you can participate in on this front is the Annual Budget Update next week (see the full agenda below), then March 23rd at a DelARF day in Dover, and attending Nonprofit Day and Rally on May 18th at Legislative Hall in Dover, 11am-1pm. More details to follow, but you can reserve your spot now by clicking here.

State of the Sector to Joint Finance Committee 

We’re finalizing the date near the end of February on which Sheila  will present to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) about the “State of the Nonprofit Sector.”

Annual Budget Update Agenda

8:30 – 9:00am     Registration/Continental Breakfast – Courtesy of Nemours Foundation

9:00 - 9:15am      Welcoming remarks – Sheila Bravo, President & CEO of DANA

9:15 – 9:20am     Moderator: George Meldrum, Nemours

9:20 – 9:45am     Bert Scoglietti, Office of Management and Budget

9:45 – 10:00am   Rep. Melanie George Smith, Co-Chair Joint Finance Committee (JFC)

                                (General Assembly’s Outlook on the Budget)

10:00 – 10:30       Kevin Kelley, Division of Health and Social Services (DHSS)

10:30 – 11:00       Kate Carlson, Department of Services for Children Youth and their Families (DSCYF)

11:00 – 11:30       Rebecca Kidner, ESQ., Registered Lobbyist, Government Relations

                                 (Advocacy – The Opportunity for Voice and Legal Concerns)

11:30 - 11:50am   The Legislative Budget Cycle

                                 (John Baker, EVP for Public Policy & Programs, DANA)

11:50- 12:00pm    Closing remarks - George Meldrum, Nemours Foundation

As always, if you have any questions call or email me: 302.777.5500


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General Assembly back in session

Posted By John Baker, Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello All,

The 148th General Assembly went back into session yesterday with the continued challenges of a very tight budget year, despite the last Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) estimate was more optimistic. Mark your calendars! The Senate and House will meet Tuesday through Thursday through January 28 (see calendar here)The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will begin meeting to build the budget Mondays through Thursdays, February 1 through February 25, then they will meet February 29 through March 3 on the Bond Bill (see the JFC calendar here).

The Governor’s State of the State is Thursday, January 21 at Legislative Hall. His budget presentation will be the following Thursday, January 28 at 1:00 p.m. in the Tatnall Building. Please check the website for any updates or changes to scheduled events.

The DANA Annual Budget Update will be on February 17 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. We will bring you up-to-date on the Governor’s proposed budget and expected changes. This will be your opportunity to hear the latest from OMB, DHSS, the DSCYF, and the JFC.

The Delaware Revenue Solutions Coalition, our nonprofit coalition, continues to meet weekly. We have a busy season of meeting with legislators and taking them our message, including the letter you all signed onto with your logos. Please schedule your own meetings and be sure to incorporate the three points that we agree to in the letter. This is important so our elected officials hear a consistent and unified message coming from the nonprofit sector, leaders, board members, volunteers, and clients. All of our efforts will culminate at Nonprofit Day in Dover at Legislative Hall in May. Stay tuned to this blog and our website for updates.

Delaware Bills to Watch

While the Delaware Competes Act, HB 235, doesn’t directly affect nonprofits, it is a good bi-partisan attempt to strengthen Delaware’s position and economy. The bill was just filed Friday, and is an effort to increase Delaware’s competitiveness in retaining existing corporations and attracting new businesses and corporations to our state. View the Act here

Regarding the proposed Clean-Water Bill, I spoke with bill sponsor, Senator Bryan Townsend, and he assures me that the bill will be revised to address the concerns of nonprofits and others. I’ll keep you updated as I learn more on this.

U.S. Federal Treasury Rule Withdrawn

Thanks to all of our efforts, including DANA’s filed comments to the IRS, the U.S. Treasury Department and IRS has withdrawn their proposed “Gift Substantiation Regulation” that would have required nonprofits to collect Social Security numbers of donors that contributed more than $250. A job well done by our nonprofit community!

As always, feel free to reach out to me via email or by phone 302-777-5500.


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DEFAC Update

Posted By John Baker, Monday, December 21, 2015
Hi All,

Today's Delaware Economic Financial Advisory Committee (DEFAC) meeting revealed that their estimated "98% Appropriation" number is up $164 million. This still leaves a substantial gap between revenues and expenditures, but it's an improvement. There is still more work to be done. Let's continue to work together for the best outcome. 
Meanwhile, the Delaware Revenue Solutions Working Group of the nonprofit sector continues to meet. We have a full calendar of events to engage our elected officials, including:
  • January 21 - Governor's State of the State 
  • January 28 - Governor's Proposed Budget Presentation 
  • January has United Way hosting a Legislative Brunch in Dover (details still to come) 
  • February 17 - DANA Annual Budget Update, 9am-Noon in Dover 
  • February & March will be the JFC hearings 
  • April will have another Working Group program hosted by DelARF (details still to come)
  • May 25 - NONPROFIT DAY in DOVER rally (Save the Date!)
  • June will be focused on direct advocacy with our elected officials by nonprofits, boards, volunteers, and clients
Throughout the next six months, the Working Group will continue to reach out to you, as well as meet with General Assembly & JFC members to represent the nonprofit voice, our clients, and all Delawareans. We are all partners for a stronger Delaware. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me. 

Thank you,
John Baker

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